Skid-Mates Pallet Protection

For all the hazards faced by sensitive and delicate equipment in the field, shock and vibration during transport causes some of the most serious and costly damage—amounting to millions of dollars each year.

Pelican Hardigg’s Skid-Mate cushions offer a simple and cost-effective solution. Designed to mount directly on pallet bases with a 5/16" – 18 UNC bolt threaded into the molded-in insert, these air-dampened cushions provide maximum protection against shock and vibration with minimum size and weight—taking the place of wood skid runners and eliminating the need for expensive air-ride trucks. They can accommodate any load—from custom and fabricated pallets to heavy-duty pallet loads for any type of industrial, commercial, or military cargo. Skid-Mates are color-coded by load range, and also permit four-way pallet entry, making loading and unloading easy.

The Skid-Mate Spacer disc adds a rugged 1-1/8” thick polyethylene spacer disc to the Skid-Mate cushion, which increases the total height to 4 inches. This extra height allows your pallet-loaded freight to accept most pallet jacks worldwide.

Tan Skid-Mate (Carton of 96) Skid-Mate Spacer (Carton of 96)
Our Price: $204.00
Our Price: $96.00
Skid Mate Tan Skid Mate Spacer

Loadrange: 20-35 lbs. (9.6–15.9 kgs.) per pad

1-1/8" thick spacer disc
Green Skid-Mate (Carton of 96) Yellow Skid-Mate (Carton of 96)
Our Price: $204.00
Our Price: $204.00
Skid Mate Green Skid Mate Yellow

Loadrange: 30-50 lbs. (13.6-22.7 kgs.) per pad

Loadrange: 45-80 lbs. (20.4-36.3 kgs.) per pad
Orange Skid-Mate (Carton of 96) Blue Skid-Mate (Carton of 96)
Our Price: $212.00
Our Price: $212.00
Skid Mate Orange Skid Mate Blue

Loadrange: 125-225 lbs. (56.7-102.0 kgs.) per pad

Loadrange: 70-125 lbs. (31.8-56.7 kgs.) per pad

Skid-Mate load ranges:

  • Tan Skid-Mate 20-35 lb. (9.6–15.9 kgs) per pad
  • Green Skid-Mate 30-50 lb. (13.6–22.7 kgs) per pad
  • Yellow Skid-Mate 45-80 lb. (20.4–36.3 kgs) per pad
  • Blue Skid-Mate 70-125 lb. (31.8–56.7 kgs) per pad
  • Orange Skid-Mate 125-225 lb. (56.7–102.0 kgs) per pad